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Feel free to read my mind.

  • Kako preživjeti Božić nakon gubitka bebe? / How to survive Christmas after baby loss?

    December 13, 2020 by

    For English version scroll down Praznični dani su itekako teški za one koji su izgubili bebu. Ako se osjećate kao da biste radije preskočili kićenje jelke i sve ove ljude koji vam se čine isforsirano srećni ili jednostavno vam se ne čini fer da svi mogu biti neoposivo srećni a vi se ne osjećate da izvinete kao poslednje govno i još se osjećate krivim što se osjećate tako, sve je to normalno… Samo ne treba da se osjećate krivim zbog svega što osjećate. Ako mislite da kvarite nekom prazničnu idealnu atmosferu, ne kvarite. Ako vam neko možda da taj osjećaj… Read more

  • Body recovery after C section and baby loss

    November 24, 2020 by

    It takes some time to reflect back and realise how much have you healed and how much have you grown. You don’t realise it in the process, during those hard days, when you don’t feel much like anything, but at some point you look back and you are just “Wow, I did a lot” As much as that effort was mental it was physical as well. I think you deserve to give credit to yourself. Even for those days spending on sofa and doing absolutely nothing. Those days especially you’ve allowed your body to rest and to heal. I did… Read more

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