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December calling

There is so much about life that I don’t know baby. I don’t know why I lost you. I don’t know where you are, and between what dimensions and different realities are we feeling each other. It might seem irrational to some, but we don’t care, we go as we feel. And I feel you. I smell you sometimes. Even though I never heard your laughter I imagine it somehow. It’s nothing like other children’s laugh. It’s yours. I sketch up your small face, and I cuddle it in my thoughts. I put my arms to hold you, and for moments I hold you. I feel your silky, olive skin on mine, it’s touching my soul every time.

There is so much I don’t know about life baby. But I keep you close inside me. I sing to you while waiting in metro. I tell you I love you every evening or morning. I look for you every time I see stars. Sometimes I tell you jokes, sometimes I try to talk to you about your daddy.

December will be tough, because we don’t have you here, our last year Christmas wish. We will do something special for you. I promise. Every thing we put up Christmas tree will be dedicated to you.

Since, you went away, I started looking farther than I see and hear. I started going out of my senses, seeking to feel more. My mind exploded all over universe looking for you to hug you and kiss you. My lips still feel your skin. My fingers still feel your small, strong fists pressing them. Oh, I miss them.

There is so much about life that I don’t know, that I started to feel…

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