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Body recovery after C section and baby loss

It takes some time to reflect back and realise how much have you healed and how much have you grown.

You don’t realise it in the process, during those hard days, when you don’t feel much like anything, but at some point you look back and you are just “Wow, I did a lot”

As much as that effort was mental it was physical as well.

I think you deserve to give credit to yourself. Even for those days spending on sofa and doing absolutely nothing. Those days especially you’ve allowed your body to rest and to heal.

I did good!

I worked on my recovery and healing…

My recovery from C section went almost unnoticed, although I was aware I should rest physically a lot. As I was in shock, my body didn’t register so much physical pain, therefore my c section recovery was not as usual. First three days after c section I didn’t walk, but I spent a lot of time sitting in the wheelchair in the ICU next to my baby. Fourth or fifth day I was already taking short walks home from hospital and back to hospital. I did get regular check and had my remaining stitches removed as there was danger or inflammation, but my scar was healing properly. During the pregnancy I gained around 20 kilos not having delivered at full term. It was very strange having my body after c section, felt so empty. 10 days after c section I was already walking normally and going out. I needed a lot of fresh air. My body was very weak though and I was getting tired quite easily.

I think if first week after c section I lost around 15-17 kilos, however then I started gaining back few kilos. I guess it’s normal when you stay in bed for some time. I enjoyed loose clothes and didn’t bother much with my kilos.

I don’t remember taking any anti pain. It’s strange how our brain blocks any pain receptors when we have some strong feelings occupying our minds.

I started having longer walks and short runs after 3 months maybe.

Less than 2 months after c section I had a very long car trip.

Less than 4 months I did Camino de Santiago Portuguese route of around 220km walking.

I did these because my scar was healing properly, and I felt ready and in a need.

I did have some strange pain several months after occurring during ovulation and period, but nothing pathological was found, so I was okay.

I think 5 months after I started to fit in my normal jeans and bra, however I remember they were still uncomfortable. I guess my gynaecologist was not bothering telling me about creams and treatments I could use after, but I found out about silicone cream some time after and I think it help to reduce a scar a bit. My linea negra started disappearing in the beginning very quickly, but completely went away after 5 to 6 months maybe.

I do recommend finding a good doctor who will take care of you post partum. The healing process in the beginning is very important. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or say any worries you have to your doctor. That’s why they are there – to take care of you.

I talk about my body because I think it is as important as your mental health. Especially if you would like to go for another pregnancy. Resting is the most important, realising what your body needs and how much you can do at some point. I think healthy food is important but honestly I had a lot of comfort food and chocolate in the beginning. It took me a lot of time to trust my body again and to reconnect. As I spent time with my thoughts, so I spent time with my body, massaging my belly and my scar. Give your body another chance.

When it comes to losing kilos after pregnancy and getting back in shape, I wouldn’t even like to start about those topics. Most of the content I encountered I found wrong and offensive, pushing ladies to feel guilty about what their body went through. I do like the idea of taking care of your body, as it is a temple to your soul how they say. However, do whatever and whenever you feel like.

I have started running longer distances after 6 months maybe. My doctor had recommended me to dance a lot. Especially when Covid started I have done yoga a lot as I found soothing and helping my body and mind to connect.

One year and several months after C section I can say my body healed.

I can say I reconnected my mind with my body.

I started trusting it again and started making it strong.

I started feel happy again inside my body and it had nothing to do with the size of jeans I wore or how my breast looked like.

And I worked and work a lot on it!

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