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Feel free to read my mind.

How do you call memories that do not exist?

Za tekst na našem skrolaj nadole! In the last few months I had no time to process emotions, and when I get several minutes while this small one is sleeping, I realise how important it is. I realised because I’m suffocating when I think of Her. My small one. Aurorina. ❤️ I haven’t had strength …

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2 comments on “Home

  1. Radka V. says:

    Dear Silvana, Aurora’s mum,
    I’ve heard your talk on FuCkUpNights Prague and although I am much older then you and my experience with baby loss is not that fresh as yours, I agree with many thoughts and feelings you shared. One of them is that the pain never goes away. And of course it might be less intensive after some years, ibut it will be still there. It’s mainly because you don’t want to forget you’ve had a baby, that will be always part of you and your life and it needs to be honored and therefore never forgotten. The other important fact you mentioned was, that one needs to talk about it. I also experienced, that when people came to me and started to talk about my baby loss I was much happier if they didn’t say a word. Through the talking a wonderful healing process happened very naturally. But I remember I wanted to talk about the birth and the baby a lot but I was worried I would make people feel uncomfortable, so I didn’t share my story as much as I would like to. So it’s great you created this blog – it definitly helps to you and others that went through something similiar. There are websites in czech, where you can read or write about baby loss too – two of them are: or
    My little baby girl would be eight years old now and I’ll be always grateful she chose me to be her mum.
    I wish you all the best on your life journey with Aurora in your heart.


    1. Dear Radka, thank you for your words! ❤️ my heart breaks always when I have to say I am sorry for your loss! I guess with time only our memories fade, the rest is on us and how we deal with it.
      I know Lenka, she’s wonderful in what she does!
      I always somehow collect all the thoughts about all the women that wrote me, or I met, and hope all of them get the strength and keep the hope. The same is for you and your small one. You are a wonderful mom keeping her so close to you!
      I wish you all the best Radka!
      Sending you hugs 💞


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