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Hi there fellow stranger

Aurora Agrahya is my online pseudonym. I came up with it accidentally at a very young age. Aurora comes from Latin, meaning dawn or waking up. Agrahya in Hindu means unattainable or unreachable. This name for me had solely personal meaning of unreachable spiritual awakening until my daughter, who we named Aurora, never woke up in the nine days she lived. She was born in the 35th week after doctors noticed she was in distress. Since then, Aurora Agrahya bears all the meaning and paradox of my life. I decided to keep the pseudonym and write about my Aurora and baby loss in general. I realized not only have I suffered from the trauma itself but also from how society treated baby loss as something that should not be talked about. I also realized I am not alone and this issue extends well beyond social into medical. There is so little research done on why baby loss happens. Overall, globally there is a very passive medical approach on how to prevent it.

Writing online helps me to connect with other people who have lost their small ones or are interested in this topic. On this blog, I keep sharing my thoughts, feelings, and how I deal with it.

Feel free to connect with me on my Instagram page @aurora.agrahya

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